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Otolaryngologic Allergy

Program Director’s Monthly Newsletter

The AOCOO-HNS Program Director’s monthly newsletter is published and updated primarily by the Council of Medical Education (C.O.M.E.) and the AOCOO-HNS Administration.  The purpose of this newsletter is to assist Program Directors so that they may stay up-to-date on the latest news, policies and changes from the AOA and AOCOO-HNS Council of Medical Education. Email newsletter articles to

As a result of the February 2011 Faculty Development Course and the May 2011 Program Director’s Workshop, the following forms are being made available for Program Directors, Faculty Members and Residents if these are currently not available through your training institution.  The goal of these forms is to help all Program Directors and Faculty in their evaluation of their Residents throughout the training years.

360° Evaluation of Resident 

Clinical Rotation Evaluation Form

Global Rating of Operative Performance

Outpatient Clinical Skills Assessment

Resident Evaluation of Faculty Teaching Skills