Available Foundation Awards

Alvin Dubin, DO Award
The award was for :
1. Members of our college who made significant contributions to our college, either financially or by advancing it for the benefit of its members.
2. This is to be a special award presented to members who have gone above and beyond the normal call of duty. It was/is not meant to be just another award after SBOG.
3. As far as qualifications, the recipient must be nominated to the awards committee for vetting. The recipient must be able to demonstrate he/she did more than just act as a president, or member of a committee. They advanced our college financially, or politically. They made things better for all D.O.'s in our organization or even profession.

Examples: Dr. Dubin, while executive director of the AOCOO HNS started the foundation and helped make it financially independent, so that it can help all the members, and future members of our college.

Perhaps a member of our college becomes president of the AOA, or a senator or representative of congress. While in that role they acted to advance our college or D.O.'s in the national eye.
Foreign GME Scholarships
Patrick Murray Award
Description: An annual monetary award given to the highest raw scoring resident in the annual OKAP examination in Ophthalmology and in the annual resident in -service proficiency examina­tion in Otolaryngology. In the event of a tie between residents in the same specialty regard­less of place, the award money for the Place and the next lower Place will be added together and will be divided then distributed evenly. The two first-place award finalists (one Ophthalmologist and one Otolaryngologist) will receive $750 each; the two second-place award finalists will receive $600 each; and the two third-place award final­ists will receive $500 each (Rev. 10/28/01, 05/20).

Eligibility Requirements: Resident member of the College in good standing in the AOCOO-HNS Resident in approved Ophthalmology or Otolar­yngology or Otolaryngology/ Facial Plastic Surgery training programs. The resident must submit his or her score on the residents' training examination to the AOCOO-H NS Office. A resident must achieve a minimum of 50% on the examination. A resident may receive the award more than one time and does not need to be present at the Annual Clinical Assembly to receive the Award (Rev. 10/28/01 ).
Resident Poster Award
Resident Paper Award
Resident Travel Grant ACA
Resident Travel Grant Midyear
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