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Retina Panel AOCOO 2022

Maria Berrocal, MD, Armando Oliver, MD, Liliya Shevchenko, DO, Jason Handza, DO
60 minutes


Michael Snyder, MD
44 minutes

Review of Uveitis

Jesia Hasan, MD
29 minutes

Common Uveitis Questions Answered

David Valent, DO
28 minutes

Uveitis Diagnosis not to Miss

Padmini Kaushal, MD
29 minutes

What Potentially Keeps Retina Specialists Up at Night

Michael Singer, MD
50 minutes

Managing Ophthalmic Aspects of Facial Nerve Palsy

Elizabeth Bradley, MD
55 minutes

Imaging Recommendations Based on Ophthalmic Presentation - Deciding The Best Next Step

J Eric Sutherland, DO, PhD
25 minutes

Systemic Immunomodulation Therapy for Eye Diseases: A Synopsis for The Everyday Ophthalmology Practice

Armando L. Oliver, MD
27 minutes

Pearls & Paradigm Shifts in the Surgical Management of Complications of Diabetic Retinopathy

María H Berrocal, MD
48 minutes

Difficult Diagnostic Considerations in Thyroid Surgery

Shant Korkigian, DO, FAOAO-HNS
32 minutes

Surgical Management of Difficult parotid Gland Malignancy

Michael G. Moore, MD, FACS
29 minutes