Health In Sight Mission Trip: Honduras

To start off 2020 I had the chance to go on a mission trip to Roatan, Honduras. The organization that I traveled with is known as Health In Sight Mission. Health In Sight is a non-profit organization that has been serving the people of Honduras for the past 16 years. What makes Health In Sight unique is the long term care that they provide. Most mission trips really only provide a bandaid for chronic medical conditions. Health In Sight provides care to the same patients in the same community in the same location and has done so for over 16 years. Health In Sight has a full time local primary care physician as well as dozens of ophthalmology teams that visit year in and year out. While in medical school at Liberty University, I had the chance to meet the Health In Sight founder, Dr. Darin Bowers. I was able to go on my first trip with the group in 2018 and was immediately drawn to the organization.

This most recent trip was my second trip with the organization. This 2020 trip we were able to complete over 200 comprehensive eye exams, perform over 20 cataract surgeries, and complete over 10 minor procedures from January 25th, 2020 to February 01, 2020. Glasses were dispensed to those who needed them, medication for chronic conditions such as glaucoma were given, and education was provided on prevention of some of the most common ocular diseases. The people of Roatan are extremely grateful. I can honestly say that the people there gave more to me then I could ever provide to them with medical care. While serving, you truly get down to the reason as to why we all chose the field of Ophthalmology; to care for the most precious sense, sight.

Health In Sight is truly a fitting name for the organization as health really does begin with sight. Some of the patients I was able to provide care for were chronic glaucoma patients who depended on Health In Sight for refills of their glaucoma medications. I saw first hand, the difference that continuity of care can provide. Health In Sight is doing some amazing things in Roatan and is growing year after year. Future plans include a new surgical center as well as a sight for comprehensive exams. Teams are serving almost monthly. If you or someone you know is interested in serving with Health In Sight you can see the website

Article by: Craig Mitcham, DO AOCOO-HNS, Member

Posted in Scope Summer 2020 on Jun 23, 2020