Fall 2020 Presidents Report

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Fall 2020 Presidents Report

As we head into Fall, the traditions normal seen and experienced have been upended by the Covid pandemic. Typically kids and parents are excited to return to school, fall sports are starting, leaves are changing colors and, depending on where you live, people head to cider mills. The only constant this year is the leaves will still change colors.

As I write this in the beginning of August, not a whole lot has changed in last several months. The Covid pandemic still seems to be out of control in this country, protesting is still going on and there is an upcoming presidential election. All of these things in additional to the usual stresses of life can lead to unhealthy mental health.

Although I no longer have children in school, the debate goes on with parents having to decide if in person learning versus virtual learning is best for their child. Listening to the experts, there does not seem to be a consensus of which way to go. Many schools are choosing to go entirely virtual learning including colleges and universities. And many fall sporting events are being cancelled as well.

As a program director, I see Covid having an impact on medical students wanting to do audition rotations. Some medical schools are limiting students from doing any out rotations. This not only impacts prospective students from getting exposure to residency programs but also for programs to assess potential students. These issues as well as all residency interviews this year being virtual will certainly impact the selection process.

Despite the pandemic and the other issues mentioned there are some positives as well. Our college is functioning quite well. Ralph McClish and his team at Monstully (our college management group) have been able to address issues that haves come up with our college during this pandemic. Zoom meetings have become a successful part of communication with board and management. Additionally many of you have used this type of virtual platform for resident education which has worked quite well until its deemed safe for in person meetings.

would like all of our college members to try and maintain positive attitudes in our personal and professional lives as we deal with the pandemic. Respecting the recommended guidelines to help keep our family, staff and patients safe. It may be a long time before we are no longer donning masks outside of the OR, but for now, please do and stay healthy.

Carl Shermetaro

Posted in Scope Fall 2020 on Oct 31, 2020