ACA MIA: A Slam Poem-Going Viral Between

ACA MIA: A Slam Poem

Poems written by Jordan Teitelbaum, DO

Canceled conference but the camaraderie remains A lost cherished opportunity yet the spirit does not wane

Colleagues, friendship fun, sun, and education An event evaporated, however Hope lasts past frustration

Weddings postponed but love permeates Graduations virtual but caps still tossed high above the Zoom window

Life paused for the most part Airline miles inactive Carry-on suitcases dormant

Dearest Peers, near and far: Keep safe in your spheres Healthy in this new frontier Amongst a tumultuous 2020, Our Academy and its members persevere Of course, our passion for throats, noses, eyes, and ears Our shared dedication could never disappear, would never just dissipate after one uncanny missed year

Till next Spring, y’all for now it’s merely a conference call

Wishing everyone well, truly Because even though we’re on hold Our society’s togetherness stays gold

Going Viral Between

The sky looks the same, blue with scattered clouds Don’t have to worry about sunblock for the kids

Our house looks the same outdated but clean The kitchen filled with things The garage opens and closes The front door stays locked

My clothes haven’t changed My iPhone is an iPhone My DV-R still records shows Food tastes as it always does I drive my car to work

The hospital- feels different The air is thick, covertly quasi-toxic almost not like the before air at all And the trepidation is novel, gelatinous Unease glues each of us all into one

Posted in Scope Fall 2020 on Oct 31, 2020