How Will You Fund Retirement?

How Will You Fund Retirement?

Jan Wachtler, AOCOO-HNS Staff

This is the question asked in AOCOO-HNS’ member, Ralph Crew’s new book asks.  The changing face of medical practice will present problems for young physicians entering the medical arena.   In the future, most physicians will be employed by large medical organizations without ownership in a practice to help them fund retirement.  Also, they may not be able to contribute to generous tax-advantaged retirement plans that have help older physicians as they retire.

To fund retirement, young physicians may find that they may have to work almost an additional decade when compared today’s senior physicians.  With a large college and medical school debt-load they may not have that extra cash to put into plans that will ease them into retirement.

Dr. Crew’s book, “Retirement Planning for Young Physicians” outlines the planning required for our new physicians

to have a successful retirement and is an important resource for all medical students and recent graduates to read and have in their libraries.

Dr. Crew is a graduate from Ohio University, College of Osteopathic Medicine and works in Big Rapids, Michigan where he specializes in Ophthalmology.

Retirement Planning for the Young Physician is available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and


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