2021 Virtual Mid-Year FAQ

Note: You must be logged into your AOCOO-HNS account to access the live portion of this event

  1. Login or Register with the website
  2. Visit the 2021 Virtual Mid-Year Event Page
  3. On the events page, click "Join Meeting Here” for either Ophthalmology or Otolaryngology
  4. If prompted, enter the email used to register for the event and your access code (ACCESS CODE WAS SENT TO YOUR EMAIL)
    • Note: If you are not prompted for an email and access code, continue with step 5 below
  5. Click on "Join Meeting Now" button


An email will be sent to you on the last day of the event with a link. The link will direct you to A form where you will complete an evaluation and attestation. You will be able to directly download a PDF version of your certificate to your device.


The live portion of 2021 Virtual Mid-Year Symposium is being recorded and will be available to attendees post event.


You will not be given access as a moderator/speaker for the live lecture until 10 MINUTES PRIOR to the live session of which you have been assigned to is taking place. You will be online as an attendee leading up to the live lecture.

Joining as an attendee:

As a registered attendee for this event you will receive a welcome email with attendee joining instructions.

Joining as a moderator/speaker for live Q and A:

Please make sure to be logged in as an ATTENDEE prior to your assigned live session. 10 minutes prior to your live session AOCOO-HNS staff will bring you up as a panelist through our back end. The word “panelist” is the moderator/speaker role in Zoom world. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO STAY MUTED AND KEEP YOUR VIDEO OFF.

Staff will communicate with you via the chat module on zoom to confirm that you are in the panelist role and to make sure you are ready to go live. AOCOO-HNS staff will give screen sharing access to those who are displaying slides for their lecture. Please let staff know via chat module in zoom that you will need access to screen sharing. Once it is time for your live session to begin please turn on your video and unmute yourself.

At the end of your live lecture please stop sharing your video and mute yourself immediately.

At the end of the live Q and A please stop sharing your video and mute yourself immediately.

Staff will return you back to the attendee role. RECAP:

  1. Be logged on as an attendee
  2. Staff will assign you to panelist (moderator/speaker)
  3. Check that video is off and audio is muted
  4. Once it is time for you to begin your lecture, you will share your video and unmute your audio
  5. You will share your video and unmute your audio
  6. Moderator will ask speakers questions
  7. At the end of the lecture/panel you will stop sharing your video and mute yourself
  8. Staff will return you to the attendee role
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