Vote Online for the Board of Governors

Vote Online for the Board of Governors

The voting link for the upcoming election of members for the Board of Governors will be open from March 9 through Sunday, April 9th, at which time it will become inactive.

Members in good standing are eligible to vote for the Secretary/Treasurer and two Members-at-Large of the Board of Governors, one representing Ophthalmology and another representing Otolaryngology-Head, and Neck Surgery.

Click here to vote for the AOCOOHNS Board of Governors

The following is information about the candidates. 

Nominees for Board of Governors



Carl B. Shermetaro, DO

I am honored to be nominated for the position of Secretary/Treasurer of the Board of Governors. Being involved in our College at any level is a way to give back to our profession for all those who aspire to become osteopathic otolaryngologists. Having been involved in this profession for nearly 25 years I still enjoy the challenges and rewards of private practice, resident education, and participation at the Board level.

I have been involved with residents as a trainer for 19 years, then as a residency program director for the last 14 years. We have significant challenges with the ACGME accreditation process and I am committed to working through these challenges to keep osteopathic otolaryngology training programs viable. Additionally, I have been a member of the Council of Medical Education for many years, a committee charged with monitoring the educational process of our residents and residency programs. I have been involved at the Board level as a Member-at-Large for several years. These positions have helped me understand the functions and responsibilities of our College.

Finally, we find ourselves at a crossroads for the continued existence of our residency programs. If elected Secretary/Treasurer I will try to do what is necessary to help maintain our residency programs and our College.

AOCO Board Member Nominee

Donald A. Morris, DO

It is my honor to run for election to the Board of Governors of the AOCOOHNS. As a current Board Member, I am the Board Liaison to Postgraduate Education as well as the Council of Residents and Fellows. I was assigned with managing the Colleges’ Professional Programs last year, and have been involved with Professional Programs for the last few years as a Program Chair and the Education Committee Chair.  I have been given the opportunity to gain quite a bit of experience with the educational component of the Colleges.

As the AOA moves forward with single accreditation, professional education will become the backbone of our College.  I hope to continue contributing as we move forward and transition to this new paradigm.

As Chair of the Education Committee, I have been very involved in trying to create new educational activities for our participants.  Wayne Robbins, DO and I are working on ways to help members who are academic faculty or residency directors, as well as anyone else wishing to enhance their skills by developing a Scientific Assembly within our national professional meetings. This provides an avenue for scholarly activity. The first one of these occurred this past October in Detroit at the Mid-Year Seminar and was very well received. We are planning to continue this at the next Mid-Year Seminar and hope it becomes even bigger, and better. We are also going to run a secondary program at the next Mid-Year for those members inclined to hear more business of medicine oriented lectures. This will be for combined ophthalmology and otolaryngology. We will also have a traditional clinical day on the Sunday of the next Mid-Year Seminar.

I continue to work with the ACA program chairs to provide the best possible educational conferences for our participants and members. We had a very successful “Dinner with the Experts Program” for Ophthalmology last year, which created the opportunity for our interested members to have a small private dinner with a national expert on cataracts. This also created an extra CME opportunity. This program got wonderful reviews from all its participants, and we will be doing it again in Las Vegas with another nationally known cataract surgeon.

I continue to be the chair of the Education Committee. We continue to work on making the creation of the ACA easier and better. We have been working to make our meetings inventive and as applicable to the current medical environment as possible.

Currently being on the Board of Governors gives me a great level of understanding as to how the Board and the College currently functions and how they should function in the future. I know the structure of the Board and the committees, and I am familiar with the structure and finances of the College. I know how things currently work and how we hope to have them work. I have served on and led committees and feel that I have the leadership skills to help guide our College into the future.

It would be my honor to serve the College membership by continuing to serve on the Board of Governors.  I do think that with all the coming changes, I have the knowledge and experience to help us to continue to move forward.

AOCO-HNS Board Member Nominees

Sean M. Kennedy, DO

It is an honor to be nominated for the position of Member-at-Large of our Board of Governors.  I have always taken great pride in our College and if given the opportunity, I will work hard to advocate for our members and College’s best interest. During this time of change within our college, I will strive to be a strong voice for the membership.  I will work hard to develop solutions to our changing environment, while preserving the foundation and principles of our profession. I have served in several leadership roles in my hospital and community including membership of the Physician Advisory Council, Capital Cabinet, Bylaws Committee, and Division chair of Otolaryngology.  In these roles, I have learned how to work with others to effectively achieve our goals and will bring this experience to the Board of Governors. Thank you for your consideration. 

Ankur M. Patel, DO

I am honored to be considered for the position of Member-at-Large for the Board of Governors. I have always had a strong interest in graduate medical education. As an osteopathic otolaryngologist, I feel we should continue to offer strong educational opportunities to our current and future residents. I would like to promote the College to newer graduates as a resource to help them navigate their transition from resident/fellow to attending physician. We have strong leadership with vast experiences that could serve as a great resource for those new graduates. My hope would be that this could also help spark interest for new graduates to get involved in the College. I have been involved in otolaryngology resident education, and have been an active member within the College as a lecturer and panelist since graduating residency. I feel these experiences will help me to be a positive contributor to the Board of Governors. Since residency, I completed a fellowship in pediatric otolaryngology at Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital and was an assistant professor of otolaryngology at Children’s Hospital of Los Aneles, Keck School of Medicine. I have recently moved back to Dayton, Ohio and have become active within the residency program at Grandview Medical Center.

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