2017 Midyear Meeting & Scientific Seminar Q&A With Dr. Don Morris

2017 Midyear Meeting & Scientific Seminar Q&A With Dr. Don Morris

With AOCOO-HNSF’s 2017 Midyear Meeting and Scientific Seminar just around the corner, we are gearing up for another successful Meeting with highlights including informative lectures, presentations, and new program additions.

“This is not our same old Midyear Meeting. We have a new format this year,” Chair of the Professional Education Division, Dr. Don Morris said.

Along with traditional lectures and the Scientific Seminar, this year’s Meeting will include lecture topics that range from how to run a better practice, investing, behavioral economics, and physician mindfulness.

“The ability to be a better person, a better business leader, a better provider a better writer, and to just be a better doc,” are just some of the things Dr. Morris hopes attendees will walk away with from after attending the Meeting.

He also believes that the Meeting’s attendees are what really sets AOCOO-HNS’ Midyear Meeting apart from other organizations’ conferences.

“We are consistently told by our invited speakers that they love lecturing to us. They see attentive faces and people who want to be at their lectures. They love that people want to talk with them after their lectures,” he said.

As he prepares to attend this year’s Midyear Meeting and Scientific Seminar, Dr. Morris looks forward to another successful and informative Meeting in Detroit.

“The chance to learn new things in a low-stress environment with well-respected presenters. The chance to see old friends and make new ones.”

The Midyear Meeting and Scientific Seminar will take place October 14-15, 2017 at the Detroit Westin Airport Hotel in Detroit, MI. Register here today!

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